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Lorraine (pronouns she/her/hers) is a Massachusetts girl, born and raised. Her passion for all things artistic was programmed early on in her life, thanks to her deep connection to her Ugandan heritage. As a first-generation Ugandan-American, Lorraine fell in love with theatre; while still in grade school, she began performing in community and school productions. 

She then continued to pursue her career in the Arts at the University of Massachusetts - Boston, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in African Studies and Theatre in 2020. Post-pandemic, Lorraine has excelled in her career in Boston, collaborating with companies such as The Huntington Theatre Company, Speakeasy Stage Company, Central Square Theater, and The Front Porch Arts Collective. 

Lorraine's passion for this work stems from a belief that theatre is fundamental to the human experience, and can greatly transform the lives. of all who encounter it. She focuses on works that question the status quo, tie to her ancestry, and are accessible to many. 

When she's not onstage, Lorraine can be found engaging in anything artistic! She holds a front-of-house position at The American Repertory Theatre, and participates in a variety of artistic endeavors around the Northeast.

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